Audi Le Mans achievements and histories

Audi R8 and R10 Le Mans Diesel Winners

The Audi corporation released some of interesting history facts about their wins at Le Mans competitions, which, we thought, can be interesting for to motorsport and Audi autos fans alike:

Who was the first Le Mans winner for a diesel engine?

New best distance record on the current moto circuit layout

Full tank of Shell V-Power Diesel and overcoming dictation up to 16 laps.

It was the 74th running of this race by Audi, which was started for the first time at 1923.

The winner car, with the number 8, that complete 380 laps of the road in the 24 hours — it is one lap more than it was in previous record set at 2004year around the current circuit layout.

5,187 kilometres - equivalent of 380 laps, or almost the entire distance of every Formula 1 race in any season.

Audi Le Mans Concept car

Audi R8 TDI Le Mans Concept

The greate history of Audi Le Mans car was started in 2003. In modern history AUDI it already the second strongly pronounced sports концепткар middle class after Nuvolari. However so it is far AUDI did not come yet - one name "Le Mans" 48 Chasov Lemana unconditionally winning the well-known race forces to recollect powerful prototypes R8, already some years. However if R8 it is uncompromising dynamics концепт Le Lans - lux-version Lamborghini in which German standards of design are obviously read is faster.

Appearance Le Mans reminds about earlier presented Nuvolari, repeating a radiator board-lattice. On each side from optics in difficult circuits powerful light-emitting diodes of near and far light are hidden. Behind the optics reminds updated А8. So the new combination of sports and a glamour is born.

In a two-seater cockpit all is constructed round the driver who is the centre of this Miniuniverse. And the main thing in this Universe - dynamics and adrenaline which are read even in familiar circuits of a panel board (appeared after some years in A6 2005). On the central tunnel minor devices, and also the system controller iDrive (the similar decision has appeared on other cars later 2 years) have settled down.

The sredne-motor body layout allows to reach ideal balance of weight that is rather important for exact and safe steering in 610 horsepowers living in the 10-cylinder motor with double forced aspiration. With such power potential Le Mans it is dispersed to hundred for 3.7 seconds, and after 3 more reaches 200km/ch.

Audi R10 TDI biodiesel victory at Le Mans 24 hours in 2008

How to you such fact - in 2008 at 24 hours Le Mans - Audi R10 TDI not only participated, but also took first place on a mixture from Shell V-Power Gas-To-Liquid (GTL). All of have been shocked by prospects of a biomass diesel engine since the travel beginning in, Dries up the Tower in a van of sea seaweed as BTL offers purer exit, has a basis of fossil fuel and does not interfere with a food chain. The version used in racing cars, was also on 90 % of purer than the American diesel engine of low sulphur. We spoke from Christian Bokicha Ameriki's Audi about its experience in Le Mans with a winning diesel command.

Audi Le Mans today

In 2009 the Audi company command, because of crisis, has refused regular participation in ALMS, but declared that will bring to Atlanta of two turbodiesel prototype Audi R15 TDI auto. On one quattro car there will go winners Petit Le Mans of three last years - Alan MakNish (Allan McNish) and Rinaldo Kapello (Rinaldo Capello), on other – Marko Verner (Marco Werner) and Lukas Lur (Lucas Luhr), the spare pilot will be Mike Rokenfeller (Mike Rockenfeller). Auto with the start number 8 only won for the 4 times in Le Mans competitions. Let`s wish Audi R8 TDI quattro good luck today and wait for the interesting show in the future!