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Audi 100 cars, including Sport/Coupe and Quattro Avant/Universal

Imagonation of Audi 100 Coupe S (Sport) and a cute girl

First Audi 100 model was shown in November, 1968 in Ingol'shtadte. The debut of next Audi 100 generation took place in June, 1976. At first time a car was produced only in a basket sedan (Audi Coupe 100 Sport), but in course of time, in 1977, appeared many more practical basket universal - Audi 100 Avant. A new car was very similar with an 80th model both outwardly and inwardly and had ponderable differences.

Audi 100 Coupe S, created in 1969 is possible to consider the farthest direct relative A5 — it`s interesting, car with the Italian breathing.

Audi 100 Gl 5e of 1977 01 b - International model

One of features of tha model of car was appearing in 1977 first in the world of 5th cylinder engine. Basic advantages of this engine were an economy of 4th cylinder and power of 4th cylinder engines. Such engines were unique and the same selected "100" among competitors. In the same year a company set the first diesel engines – Audi 100 Diesel, and afterwards turbodiesel – Audi 100 TDI.

At the end of 1979 appeared top model of "100" version - Audi 200. As well as a car is fixed for a Top version differed the high level of base acquisition and powerful engines including Turbo Injection.

Car was produced to 1984 years when on its changing came more modern.

Audi 100 Typ 44 Avant

Interesting Audi 100 C3 Typ 44 2.3E Avant Sport 8014 Model. Good car idea for 'action' family.

In 1982 was made new Audi 100 typ 44 C3 - the third generation this sedan caused a flutter on Frankfurt Motor-show and "Car of 1983 got a title". A car could brag of spacious salon, good sound isolation, lot expenses of energy and comfort pendant, capacity of 570-with a capacity of one liter luggage rack, and also separately it should be noted very good dirigibility and dynamics. It is possible to name absence on the base versions of hydraulic actuator the unique minus taxiing. The example of this model is Audi 100 C3 Typ 44 2.3E. Modifications of engine are – 2, 2.3, 2.8 litre.

Universal of 44th series under the name Audi 100 Avant appeared in March, 1983 and different in some details. It, as well as on Audi of previous generation has a very declivous lid of luggage rack, due to what back glass left off so strongly contaminated, as on cars with a vertical postern. Thus capaciousness luggage rack did not suffer.

complete drive version of car under the name Audi 100 Quattro typ 440 (440-type) appeared in 1985. Among all ponderable pluses of this car there is a wide gamut of engines. Most practical among them - by volume of 1.8 l. By power ot 75 hp. to 90. Also there are versions and with more powerful aggregates by the swept volume 2.0 2.1 2.2 and 2.3 l and by power accordingly 100,115,115.и 133 hp. Besides it in 1984 the 138-strong appeared 2.2-with a capacity of one liter engine, and in 1986 fivecylinder 2.0 are with a capacity of one liter diesels and by turbodizeli power accordingly ot 69 and to 100 hp. Yet later on Audi 100 S4 began to set is a 2.4 - with a capacity of one liter 82-strong diesel and 2.5 - with a capacity of one liter 120 - strong turbo diesel – Audi 100 TDI. By a basic engine for a top version - Audi 200 became 2.1 - with a capacity of one liter 182 - strong petrol engine.

From 1986 began to produce Audi 100 parts with the fully zincked baskets. Such cars and today ride with whole and not ferruginous baskets. In course of time places, which are most subject to corroding began additionally to protect underwings of firms and protective straps on thresholds, doors and other Audi 100 parts.

In January of 1988th passed restyling of the car in investigation of what the awkward lines of basket were smoothed out. Some baskets elements were cleaned from chrome - chrome disappeared. From August, 1989 all engines of petrols equipped managed neutralizers.

Last Audi 100 were let out in December, 1990, when his place was taken the by a new model. With the care of this Audi model went away and Audi 200, it was not proceeded in its issue since.

Audi 100 C4 generation of 1990-1994

Last generation of Audi 100 C4 was produced from 1990 to 1994. A car purchased the elegant form of basket, got three-year guarantee on the lacquered coverage and 10 years of guarantee ot through corrosion of basket. Among other changes is multiplying space both ahead and on back seats, due to it became more spacious, than at - Mercedes-Benz and BMW. It was so much heaved up the great number of regulations of seats and steering management level of ergonomics of car, in Audi 100 s4 any driver will be able to feel comfort.

Among minuses it is possible to mark too little volume of luggage separation for universalov (Audi 100 Avant) he makes 1310 just liters. While at sedan a luggage rack has very decent sizes - 510 l. Issue of Audi 100 Avant of universalov began in 1991. Soon appeared and полноприводная model of Audi 100 Quattro S4, its dirigibility and ability to travel cross-country became a standard for the cars of such type.

The first cars were equipped three engines of petrols: 2.0-with a capacity of one liter 101-strong, 2.3-with a capacity of one liter 133-strong and 2.8-with a capacity of one liter 174-strong with the injection of suspension points, cars had a complete drive and had the proprietary name – Audi 100 Quattro. In a year the line of power aggregates was filled up 3 engines – 2.0-with a capacity of one liter 115-strong with the system of central injection and 2.4-with a capacity of one liter 82-strong diesel, and also 115-strong 2.5-with a capacity of one liter version with Turbo Diesel – Audi 100 TDI. Engines set with 5-step mechanics or a 4-range automation.

Most sporting and most powerful become an engine by volume of a 2,2 litre, and power of 230 hp. with Turbo Injaction at Audi 100 Sport Turbo. High speed of this “100” is 240 km/h arrived at, and a to hundred took time of acceleration 6.8 with.

New economical Audi 100 engine appeared on C4 S4

Later yet more new engines of Audi 100 appeared C4 S4- economical 2.0 is a with a capacity of one liter 115-strong engine, 2.6 - with a capacity of one liter V6 by power of 150 hp, 4.2 - with a capacity of one liter V8 power of 280 hp, acceleration to hundred after 6.2 with.

Issue of Audi 100 С4 proceeded to 1994 years, when restyling conducted and entered a new index - А6 or Audi A6 100. pasadena massage company servisler pasadena.