Audi 80 tuning and parts review

Audi 80 2d with inside tuning, 1977

Audi 80 debuted in 1972 and very soon becomes "The Car of Year". Generation with new Audi 80 parts was started in 1986 based on platform of Volkswagen B3 and alo could be tuned. The best of the range variant of this automobile was tuned Audi 80 - the 90 model. Both cars received some detail updates at 1991, Here are most important from them - new Volkswagen B4 main parts. Other modificationsh and a longer wheelbase, restyled front grille, new bumpers design and revised rear axle.

From this new changed Audi 80, the company could throw down a challenge to the BMW and Mercedes-Benz on the luxury mid-sized vehicle segment. Also this Car had 3 engine This automobile model was discontinued in 1995, because of start of popular "premium-class" A4. At present many people search for Audi 80 parts and details and also trying to tune their cars.

Modifications of the car “heart”: petrol four-cylinder engines, five-cylinder engines and diesel engines. With excellent Audi 80 tuning last models can have 170 horse powers and speed up to 220 kilometers per hour.

Audi 80 Coupe Quattro

Audi 80 Coupe Quattro, 1990

Audi 80 Coupe was produced from the end of 70th and the last cars of this series were for sale in 1991.

Above the idea of creation of "quattro" automobile, competitors chuckled at first, counting classic arrangement of most successful. However, big successes in sport brought Audi Quattro popularity after the first performance on the January stage of European championship on the rally of 1981 year in Austria. A complete drive with the blocked differential creates good comforts in the plan of ability to travel cross-country.

But not looking on obvious superiority of copmany cars, a car had a great number of failings. Quattro far heavier than the competitors, an engine is located at the front, uncomfortable access to the luggage rack and bulky undercarriage did a car clumsy, besides technical problems constantly gave about it to know. Similarly took place corrosion of basket in not zincked places and reflectors of headlights.

Audi 80 tuning allows managing with these failings. Now greater part of details can be replaced on more high-quality. Although influencing weight of car is to difficult.

Audi 80 TDI

Car model with Turbo Diesel Injection (TDI) has a very interesting acceleration curve. This model can accelerate exactly the same from 0 to 60 as it does from 60 to 100 without any car tuning. And although it can`t be very quick before 60 kilometres after than it seems to gather pace at a rather impressive rate. It is a little fatigue off the mark. It occurs because of a turbo being is included after at almost 2200 revs. It is rather 'tall' geared. So, for example, it will do 85mph in third gear, then, just over 100mph in fourth and romp on to 125mph in fifth. Yes, its Audi 80 TDI, with turbo diesel.

Audi 80 Avant TDI, 1992-1996

Inside the automobile, there are a few of some little niggles. The 'clutch foot' rest is to small on the right hand drive. So, if it is along journeys, unless you are wearing to much inconvenient shoes, you cannot get your foot past the clutch pedal to take a rest it. But, if it`s necessary, you can make your Audi 80 tuning for your convenience.

The roof of this automobile is quite low, and it can be tuned by changing the driver's seat height. However, neither the back seats nor the passenger seat have height adjustment.Thus try to be not alarmed when your taller friends or passengers appear from auto with the same postures of sitting places. Because of the rear disc's are more bigger than they need to be, the brakes are great. It means that we can safely bring the car to a shut-down state even with full car of passengers.

All company cars (not tuned) leave the factory galvanized so if you will find some rusty on this automobile, it is more than likely that it has been involved in an accident. You can make situation better, with modern car tuning.

This beast is best satisfied to traveling very big distances along the motorway. It will sit at 95 miles per hour all day long without missing and without beat. Thus making the Audi 80 TDI very fast economical way of traveling where you want.