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Review of Audi A2 models

Audi A2 auto in blue light may be TDI

Audi A2 auto - the compact car with a cross-section arrangement of the engine and a forward control. Wide use of aluminium in a design has allowed to lower weight on 30 %. 895 kg - the best indicator in this class of cars. Advantages A2 it, first of all, high profitability and capacious interior at length of all 3820 mm. The length is compensated in the width and in height, 1670 and 1550 mm accordingly. The car spends 4,2 l of a diesel fuel for 100 km of a way. But dynamics does not suffer from it almost - dispersal to hundred for 12,1 seconds, the maximum speed - 173 km/h. And it at the diesel engine.

The company offers admirers of petrol motors 4 cylinder unit of the same capacity. It is offered also three-litre A2 tuning with the diesel engine in volume of 1,2 litres which fuel consumption makes less than 3 litres on 100 km of a way that is a record for the 5-door car. The interior is attractive also: in a rear of interior a floor more low, than in front that urged to provide comfort of the passengers sitting behind. Release of Auto А3 has even more strengthened company positions in sector of cars of a small class. The car has rather compact sizes, however in many respects does not concede to more high-class models. Design and aerodynamics of a body, style decisions of interior above any praises. C June, 1996 A3 the hatchback is issued with a three-door body. The variant has appeared in the autumn of 1998 five-door. А3 auto is completed with the 1,6-litre engine capacity of 101 h.p. and two four-cylinder 10-klapannymi units a working volume of 1,8 l. Great popularity at buyers use very economic turbodiesel (with direct injection) capacity of 90 h.p. and its 110-strong variant which is delivered since 1998. All-wheel drive version А3 Quattro is completed with the engine capacity of 170 h.p. Audi A2 auto In a base complete set the antiblocking system, two air cushions, a tightener for a belt, a servocontrol, electric enter

10 years ago the Audi A2 auto on the International auto show (the International Auto show) stood in Frankfurt, and already soon after that arrived Audi A2 car on street. The car as was available nobody until then: the First business lot model in aluminium type of a design (about as a whole 30 m of laser welded seams), the first 5-dvernyj the car of 3 l, and also the first serial model with impressively low factor of aerodynamic resistance 0,25. Only: such big high technology at all, apparently, did not want clientele, and it was exact to a problem modern still today and the exclusive operating car of a small class. About Audi a2 fsi you can read on any Audi A2 forum.

Lupo 3L TDI and Audi A2 TDI retired in 2005

The body for which is class-functional design then responsible creators of Peter Shreier and Gerd Pfefferle differed in 2002 "by design of Federal Republic of Germany", offered unexpectedly good relations of internal length of a body to base on only length of a vehicle of 3,82 m. the Car it is possible to use as absolutely high-grade serial vehicle - also thanks to a variable and quite accessible luggage compartment (volume 350), tunning can make it more better.

Audi A2 TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection)

First of all, however, has been levelled A2 consistently on economy. Audi a2 tdi from surprising streamline quality already it was told. A2 for sale, but also and the weight of container of A2 of 825 kg with 1,2Liter-Dreizylinder-TDI-Motor with capacity of 61 h.p. distinctly lay more than 100 kg below that cars of this calibre weigh usually. It can be audi a2 1.4 for example for sale or a2 tuning or diesel.

The variant of audi a2 tdi model of 3l with the help just this motor received specially disguised facing of a radiator, more thin tyres and in the rest a little aerodynamic оптимизаций. Official average consumption lay at 2,99 l, nevertheless, strangely enough, interested nobody then. On the one hand, discussion of the price of combustible and harmful substance was on removal some more years, on the other hand just the client of hybrid model Prius arrived from Toyota - seemed as even more exotic and it is more interesting than illusive small auto, audi a2 tuning.

Anyway, of 3l - disappointing balance were on sale only in 6450 variants. As a whole became in product Audi in Neckarsulm 176.377 Exempare A2. In June 2005 then the latest model of a constructive number descended from the conveyor, there was no successor. A2 for sale.

Audi A2 auto In the meantime the desirable second-hand car became from a failure. Thanks to aluminium type of a design before a rust, of course, still the long future is necessary to the car. The inquiry about skilful type surpasses, anyway, since some time already short assortment.