Audi A4 cars history and today

Audi A4 2008 44, agressive red color

At the head of A4 family there is a car equipped with the engine Audi A4 1.8T , a five-step mechanical gear box and a forward control.

If you live in the cold country with severe winters, you will accept the car with the well-known all-wheel drive suspender Audi A4 Quattro. If you live In that case in warm or a temperate climate, you can choose the car from one of automatic transmissions. Multitronic and Tiptronic are established on all-wheel drive cars. Both these transmissions provide also a mechanical gear shift of this car.

2008 Chicago Auto Show - Audi A4 Special Edition debut

Audi 1.8T is 1,8 litre, 4-cylinder turbo engine (TDI) capacity in 170 h.p. Under statements of manufacturers, equipped with such motor in a combination to a manual transmission or with Multitronic, it is capable to be dispersed from a place till the speed of 100 km/h for 7,8 seconds. Four-and four models with automatic machine Tiptronic – hardly more slowly - only for 8,5 seconds. Representatives Audi assert that the engine 1.8T is a first turbo engine which is characterised as «one of the most non-polluting motors». If you would like the car with more powerful engine, you will accept the model equipped new, completely with aluminium, 3-litre motor V6 by capacity in 220 h.p. which has been created specially for cars 2002 modelling years. At the picture above U can see Audi A4 in special edition that was debuts at Chicago Auto Show at 2008 it is not cheap audi a4.

Choosing A4 with the 3-litre engine and a forward control, you receive variator Multitronic. Such complete set will allow to be dispersed from a place till the speed of 100 km at an o'clock for 7 seconds. Four-and four models also can go complete with a 6-step mechanical gear box or with automatic machine Tiptronic. From a manual transmission all-wheel drive A4 with the 3-litre engine it is dispersed a bit more slowly - for 7,7 seconds. If you want to buy this car - it would not be cheap audi a4 auto, because in is very fast.

According to verifiers of the most cheerful there was a trip on the all-wheel drive version with 3,0 liter engine and a 6-step check point, however all-wheel drive A4 with the engine 1.8T and a five-speed transmission is that car «on which it is necessary to spend money or finance».

Manufacturers should study properly the market of mechanical gear boxes and to make corresponding corrections in its own. The lack of the check points which are exhausted Audi, consists that the shift lever "does not slide" from one position in another, and more likely hardly "is switched" and in a neutral position in general too dangles.

Cars equipped with a variator work well enough that has pleasantly surprised and has pleased verifiers. In quiet conditions Multitronic it is almost imperceptible thanks to the good software of control electronics, thus it seems to the driver that it steers the car equipped with the ordinary automatic machine. But in the event that to you will take in head to send on errands you the disappointment as pressing a trigger into a floor you waits expect that the car should jerk with freek in the speed, however the automatic machine at first «will consider your offer», accessories and then will reluctantly obey. Having chosen the car with Multitronic, you receive certain benefits. In comparison with ordinary automatic machine Multitronic allows to save not only fuel, but also wins in weight.

In comparison with old models A4, steering of new cars became much more pleasant. First, ruggedness of structure of a body of cars 2002 modelling years on 45 % more than also can brag before of the highest level of specific strength of materials among cars of this class. Secondly, the suspender became almost twice easier thanking uses of aluminium components. Plus to all the rear suspension of front-wheel cars is designed in such a manner that rear wheels brighten up roughnesses of road more effectively. Thanks to all these innovations the car provides a pleasant trip, and the driver and passengers are protected from jolting. 17 inch wheels dressed in thick rubber, not only effectively look, but also provides magnificent clutch with road. There are audi 2000 a4 cars.

The design decision of an interior of the car differs simplicity. In spite of the fact that anybody yet did not manage to make more magnificent and convenient interior, manufacturers managed to make still some improvements. For example, buttons 150-vattnoj audio systems big enough and convenient in use, and CD-changer is built in in inside panel. There are many audi 2000 a4 cars. The design of interior not so strongly differs from the previous models. On models with the engine 1.8T the central extension housing is painted in a grey metaphase that, however, is not combined with the basic color scale. On all models it is possible to see the decorative panels executed from a dark tree. Needless to say that all finishing materials meet the highest requirements of quality. The natural leather interior is accessible only to cars with 3,0 liter engine, however your friends and native for what will not guess that seats are fitted by a leather substitute. The design of seats has strongly enough changed: Pillows became longer, more convenient and more ergonomic and cheap audi a4 details. Thanks to increase in a wheelbase at 3,5 sm it was presented to rear passengers of more place. The space for feet has increased on 5, A4 accessories.

In a word, A4 1.8Т - a fine choice: good readability, prestigiousness, fine design. Such combination meets infrequently and it can be convertible. Alsi there are Audi 2000 A4 autos.

Audi A4 Sedan 2009

Audi A4 Sedan 2009 accessories on Volkswagen B8 platform Audi A4 the Sedan (2009) — front or an all-wheel drive five-setter sedan of class D. The debut of the fourth generation of Audi А4 constructed on a platform Volkswagen B8, has taken place in September, 2007. The beginning of sales in Ukraine — April, 2008.

Audi A4 Sport and Occasion auto with SE packages

The aggressive Audi A4 SE

Very popular Audi A4 Sport range has now got two new models and become wider. Both Sport cars and SE packages come in this world on limited terms and soon will be available only to Irish customers only on certain locations. The Sport trim, in that includes some S-Line elements, here are some of them such as the famous logo and much more aggressive bumper at the front and integrated grille or 17-inch 16-spoke alloy wheels, it fast will carry the same ?1,950 additional price tag. That will economy reach 50 per cent for buying these items separately and make deal with your finance.

cheep Audi A4 cabriolet occasion sport

In this car you can see solid and passion notes. A4 ccessories. Very fast and dont need any tuning. It can be convertible and fast.