Audi A6 car history and today

The German car of business class Audi A6 is issued since 1994. There are versions in bodies a sedan and the versatile person (Avant). The auto also forms a basis for A6 Allroad Quattro.

Among the basic features of the car it is necessary to note completely zinced body and front or full (quattro) a drive gear.

The given car is issued with one of following engines:

  • 1.8L four-cylinder 20 valor
  • 1.8L Turbo four-cylinder 20 valor
  • 2.0L four-cylinder 20 valor
  • 2.4L V-shaped six-cylinder 30 valor
  • 2.8L V-shaped six-cylinder 30 valor
  • 3.0L V-shaped six-cylinder 30 valor
  • 2.7L Turbo V-shaped six-cylinder 30 valor
  • 4.2L V-shaped eight-cylinder 40 valor
  • 1.9L TDI four-cylinder
  • 2.5L TDI V-shaped six-cylinder 24 valor

The first generation with identification mark typ C4

Audi A6 avant typ c4, 1994

It is made with 1994 for 1997 and has come in the stead legendary Audi 100. The car has received a number of features such as: new scale of the engines, the updated headlights, a radiator enclosure and a bumper. But the successor has inherited a platform from the predecessor.

The second generation of audi a6 auto with identification mark C5

Audi A6 typ c5, 1997

The new generation of the given car has been presented the wide public in 1997. As the previous generation of the given model was only modernisation Audi 100, and this was created «from zero» admirers of model have christened this the “"present" six”. Besides this car became the founder of a new corporate style of all models of concern from Ingolshtada of the end of 90th years. And after the lapse of four years the ex-terrier of these cars remained modern and actual.

Absolutely new body of this Audi A6 car besides design possessed very low factor for the class of front resistance, only 0.28. This model successfully competed to leaders business of class BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse.

The third generation with identification mark C6

Audi A6 typ c6, 2005

This generation of cars Audi A6 is the last for today. Release of this car has begun in 2005 and the same year it has been recognised by the car of year in the world. New A6 is designed by the well-known designer Walter de Silva and represents evolving previous model. All family traits in design have been kept, and the car has turned out recognised and modern.

New Audi A6 has received electronic systems, such, for example, as MMI (Multi media Interface). MMI allows to steer navigating system, the climate control, a radio tape recorder and other systems only one joystick. Also this car became the first on which the engine with system of injection FSI was established.

Restyling of generation C6

Audi A6 typ c6 restyling, 2008

In 2008 version Audi A6 auto has gone on sale restyling. On new models there were engines: 3.0 V6 with the turbine giving out 294 horsepowers, and the diesel engine capacity of 136 horsepowers.