Audi A8 premium cars

He was in front of you - the new Audi A8. Might. Comfort. Dynamics. New Audi A8 - the perfect embodiment of the best qualities of executive limousine. A unique car, perfectly combines the elegance of the prestigious sedan with a stunning design and the dynamics of a sports car. But the advantages of the new A8 extend further. Because it is based - the revolutionary technological innovations that dictate new standards. Interior of the new Audi A8 - it is elegance throughout, down to the smallest detail and amazing comfort in each trip. Laconic and clean design is the car - the charm of eternal beauty in a modern reading of the classical canons. The most powerful generation of eight-cylinder Audi, created to give delight. Aluminum body, reliable and easy thanks to technology Audi Space Frame. Exceptional equipment and trim. Inspirational speaker. Spectacular view. All this - the new Audi A8.

Who said that time - money? Today, time is priceless. And it can be used optimally. That's why we created such a dynamic and comfortable car.

Engine V8 3.7 of the new Audi A8 has an output of 280 hp and its torque is 360 Nm at 3600 rpm. Even more powerful V8 4.2. The impressive 335 hp and acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 6,1 seconds. But the exceptional dynamics does not mean compromise with comfort. A new 6-speed tiptronic gearbox delivers unmatched smoothness. And thanks to all wheel drive quattro ® and adaptive air suspension new Audi A8, you can be sure that the engine power is used optimally. The choice is always yours, whether it is sports or check out the light. With Audi A8 all possible.

The new Audi A8 is built using the most advanced technology Audi Space Frame. Improved body of the new A8 - more rigorous and reliable than ever. Reduced weight means lower fuel consumption and improved dynamics. All security systems in the new Audi A8 are designed in such a way as to ensure maximum protection. For example, the airbag has been deployed instantly, opening it with the stiffness, which the situation requires. This means more protection in a collision and more peace of mind while driving. In addition, the Audi A8 to the driver's side installed full-size annulare airbag, the collision is especially effective for preventing stroke wheel. Airbags in the seatbacks, head protection and active headrests Sideguard complement each other, forming an effective system of passive safety. A judicious combination of external and internal protective elements ensures maximum safety for all passengers and driver.

Do not be surprised if you immediately get used to the new Multimedia Interface Audi MMI. In the end, not necessarily read the mountain of books to learn how to use the radio, or find the shortest route from point A to point B. The system consists of control unit, located on the center console, and a color monitor with a 7-inch. Direct access to frequently used functions by one-touch Hot Keys. All other sections of the menu is easily accessible with an ergonomic joystick, and the reset button makes it simple for the transition to the main menu. Do you need something else to make the system MMI intuivno understandable?

Conciseness and functionality - this is a new concept salon Audi A8. Elegant finish fabric or leather combined with decorative accents of the best kinds of wood creates a very harmonious atmosphere. And the finishing touch - high center console, which adds extra sporty interior. Exquisite, strictly and ... magnificently.