Audi Q5 SUV

Audi Q5 - the sportiest SUV in its class - a dynamic, multifunctional and comfortable. The new Audi Q5 combines the dynamics of a sports sedan with the versatility of transformable interior, providing a variety of opportunities for recreation. Strong and efficient engines, quattro permanent four-wheel drive and agile running gear is an excellent package of technical equipment for on-road and off-road. The innovative seven-transmission with dual-clutch S-tronic system and the Audi drive select, once again confirm the superiority of high technology.

In the basic kit Audi Q5 include electromechanical parking brake, intelligent key with a chip, automatic climate control system and display in the instrument cluster, which, for example, shows an optimal transfer for efficient and economical driving. Serially installed a large monitor located in the center of the front panel. If the new Audi Q5 is equipped with a navigation system, many control functions are concentrated on the company's multimedia interface MMI, located on the central tunnel. In the Audi Q5 MMI system is installed the latest generation of its graphics and control with a joystick became even more intuitive.

The most modern security system have long been an integral part of cars Audi. Limiters belt pretensioners, which are equipped with front seat, configured in new ways and interact with airbags protect the driver and front passenger's especially effective. Body Audi Q5 mainly made of high strength steel alloys, its components are connected with the utmost precision, which reduces weight, increases protection against impact and stiffness and improves the vibration characteristics.

Excellent dynamic characteristics of a powerful new SUV the Audi brand combined with athletic precision, excellent handling and comfort. The updated Stability Programme ESP received a number of innovative features not found in comparable models from other manufacturers. A special sensor ESP system detects the presence of luggage on the roof and, accordingly, the shift up the center of gravity of the car - load on the roof up to 100 kg. Without a Roof, the driver can fully utilize the dynamic potential of Audi Q5.

Audi Q5 - a car that can perform various tasks in all driving conditions. He has excellent towing capabilities: weight of towed trailer is 2,0 m and surely making its way through the rigors of off-road. The included as standard recoil system allows you to overcome the steep sections of the road, adjusting the selected speed within 30 km / h. System Stability Program ESP with ABS function has special settings for the mode of motion of roads. ESP provides maximum grip with the ground, and ABS automatically recognizes the properties and selects the ideal strategy for the movement, depending on what is under the wheels of the car - sand or gravel.