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Audi RS4 car - a top class quattro auto with the latest world technologies

Audi RS8 Quattro Red

Audi RS4 quattro - a top class car and one for the tech version of Audi A4 (Audi A4 RS4). This sports-oriented compact car from the exclusive quattro GmbH, produced in limited quantities for the German automaker Audi AG (a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group). Car faster than Audi S4 and the majority are based on the A4 sport-oriented car B series.

The first version of B5 initially only with body «Avant» (trade name of Audi AG for station wagon). Next generation B7 first appeared as a sedan, later appeared Avant and more were added later convertibles.

Abbreviation «RS» in the car's name derives from the German RennSport. Like all Audi cars of RS line, Audi RS4 car is equipped with the latest technology and can be counted for cars running on the company's image. To all other, Audi RS4 tuning (or not) autos in all versions of the system is equipped with quattro, based on Torsen differentials for all-wheel drive vehicles. This car have greate Audi RS4 wheels!

In the period 2006-2008. Vehicles involved in SuperStars Series, where he won two titles, both Gianni Morbidelli.

In the Audi RS4 (audi a4 rs4) producer (quattro GmbH) relies on advanced technology FSI without tuning. Direct-injection gasoline provides efficient combustion of the fuel-air mixture and improves the performance capacity of 420-horsepower engine. For 4.8 seconds no tuned Audi RS accelerates to 100 km / h and 16.6 seconds for up to a mark of 200 kilometers per hour. How do you think, do this car need any tunning?

An important item among the tasks of the developers was to reduce the weight of the Audi RS4. The front fenders and hood of cars are made of aluminum, as most chassis parts. The specially designed RS bucket seats Audi shape very light and provide the optimal position of the body.

In one year the car was produced in sedan, wagon and convertible.

Audi RS 4 car - Real racing passion

Audi RS4 Last Model - Green with RPM 420 powerful eight-cylinder motor

Manage Audi RS 4 - means to manage sports car without compromising yourself in comfort. The new level of dynamic performance combined with advanced technology, impressive style and level of equipment worthy of the highest class of models - is the new Audi RS 4.

The uniqueness of the new Audi RS 4 is due to a number of advanced technical solutions, many of which are borrowed from motorsport. Among them, the concept of the engine with a high speed, progressive FSI technology in combination with a V8 engine and quattro all-wheel drive with the last generation. RPM 420 powerful eight-cylinder engine reaches 8250 rpm. With the engine with a working volume of 4163 cm3, sedan exceeds the barrier of 100 liters. with. per liter. Ninety percent of the maximum torque the engine can develop a speed range from 2250 to 7600 rpm. The result is an exceptional pulling power of the engine, allowing the driver to drive in a relaxed manner, without frequent gear changes. All improvements illustrating performance RS 4: it reaches the 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and 200 km / h in 16.6 seconds. Electronic system limits the maximum speed at 250 km / h.

The difficulty is that the best way to transfer all this power to the road surface. During the past 25 years, the answer Audi (quattro GmbH) for all the cruel demands in this regard was the system of all-wheel drive quattro.

Audi RS4 charged issue cease and Cabriolet A4 and RS4

According to the latest information, Audi plans to actually stop the production of charged and RS4 convertible A4 and RS4.

However, not all that bad - Ingolstadt is not going to completely abandon these models are not prepared for them a worthy replacement. Instead of open versions of the A4, S4 and RS 4 Cabrio come A5, S5 and RS5 - and this makes sense. Why develop two-door version of the sedan, and then an its base - convertible, if the model number already exists built on the same platform, two-door coupe of the same size.

<з>With Audi RS4, however, somewhat different story - completely abandon this model Inoglshtadt also not going to. Audi focuses on the fact that RS2 and RS4 on B5 platform, released only in wagon. Saloon RS4 never particularly popular in Europe and was included in the model line of products exclusively for the North American market. Now, in the Audi plans to return to the roots and abandon the production of "charged sedan, leaving the assembly line only wagon RS4 Avant, which, incidentally, will be available only in Europe - in the U.S. it will not be delivered.

Audi RS4 is no longer needed - Buy cheap Audi RS4!

Audi RS4 Cabrio (Cabrioler), yellow

West Internet portal 4Wheelsnews, citing a source from the company, said that the version of Audi RS4 does not appear in the new generation. This decision was taken because of low demand for the car. Thus, the fastest in the fourth family becomes a model S4.

In addition, the automaker decided not to release versions of the A4 and S4 Cabriolet in the body, you can buy it. The company wants to pay more attention to the development of hybrid and environmentally friendly cars, we want to pay and buy this auto.

Recall that the RS4 - it is the tech version of the model A4. Car faster than Audi S4. The abbreviation "RS" means RennSport (in Russian "motor racing"). The first version of B5 was originally released only with the station wagon (Avant). Next generation B7 came first with a sedan, then - Avant, and later appeared convertibles. I would like to buy Audi RS4.