Audi TT: How to make tunning, how to find cheap parts and how to sale this car

Audi TT tunning from back and front

Developing of Audi TT model began in September 1994 in the Audi Design Center in California. TT was first shown as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1995. Its design was entrusted Jay Mays (born J Mays), Freeman Thomas (born Freeman Thomas) and Martin Smith (born Martin Smith) have developed a successful interior design. Tailored to not previously been used seamlessly laser welding for the 1-generation TT delayed the release of the car. The production model has been established in 2 stages. At the factory in Ingolstadt (Germany) produced the body (chassis), which then ferried in Gyor (Hungarian Gyor) (Hungary) on refinery AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. That company, which also is the development and production of engines for automobiles Concern Volkswagen, and ends with the production process for the Audi A3 Cabriolet, Audi TTS, and Audi TT Roadster in the back compartment. 3.2 Audi tt car.Audi plant in Gyor (Hungarian Gyor ) (Hungary) with capacity 40 000 units per year was opened in 1992. Originally, Audi is not included in the list of options, an automatic transmission. DSG (S-Tronic) became available later in 2003. Original parts, original design, original style, original Audi! Do you realy want to sale Audi TT?

The MTM company invited Audi TTS - TT RS

After the recent Geneva debut 340-strong Audi TT RS changed TTS lost its status as the most powerful factory-TT "which, of course, hurt the feelings of its first customers. Let him not worry and turn to one of the German studio, such as MTM of Wettstetten. These gentlemen of any Ingolstadt model rocket will.

For TTS they have two fashion training programs. The first is pumping wheel drive coupe with 272-horsepower two-liter turbo engine to 330 hp. This is achieved by improving the pressurization system, installing a new exhaust system, as well as flashing the engine control unit. The same scheme is applied in the second program, which allows you to squeeze out of the entire engine 380 hp.

Standard Audi TT wheels are replaced with original MTM bimotor, shod in tires Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 dimension 245/30 R20. Price for the whole kit - 5500 euro. This Audi TT parts are tuned and not very cheap.

No aerodynamic body kit in the MTM is not offered, not including the optional new rear spoiler for 500 euros, which, when installed, is always in working order, not hiding in the trunk lid, like a factory version.

White Audi TT 3.2, tunning parts

How has the acceleration to "hundreds", the Germans were not reported, but they say that both versions are gaining up to 265 km / h. It remains to say how much fun it is. Answer: insanely expensive. If the base coupe TTS with a robot S-tronic in Germany is estimated at 46 thousand euros, for the 330-strong version of the full" mincemeat "MTM firm takes on more than 17 thousand and 380-strong dearer by 20 thousand. But is there any sense to buy a coupe? For Audi TT RS more “S” for the same 17-20 thousand.

New generation of Audi TT Concept

White Audi TT parts: front and back lights

First-generation model with stylish Audi TT car power shortage. But for eight years the car has not been awarded the "hot" letter R and S. The second generation was luckier: he grew up, coupes and roadsters Audi TT first got stripes with the letter S and finally rose to the RS.

Maturity comes through in the features all-wheel drive Audi TT RS. From the version of its TTS are more stringent front bumper and a proprietary trapeze false radiator grilles with fine mesh all this parts are tuned. You can sale your 3.2 Audi TT car, but better keep it! Audi TT isn`t cheap car, but it have some cheap parts! Behind a RS two oval exhaust pipe system instead of four and hospital wing instead of extendible.

Looks impressive. But the inner world of the car has undergone no less change. And let the track as the company's Audi modestly mention the power of more than 300 hp We did already know that the turbo five-cylinder 2.5 TFSI develops 340 power, whereas the TTS by 68 "horse" lower.

Of course, in the exercise of power in RS before the younger "sister" advantage. According to official information, Coupe TT RS with unopposed six "mechanics" reaches hundreds of 4,6 seconds and the roadster - with a 4,7. Time spurt at the Audi TTS - 5,4 and 5,6 s respectively. Audi TT parts are not very cheap but... it`s new generation of Audi TT concept!

Just as in TTS, in the body structure RS is widely used aluminum. Estimated Curb weight Coupe TT RS - about 1400 kg.

Audi TT cabrio tt3 blue

More accurate and complete information about the top model of the family TT Germans will open in a week to look in the car at Geneva. 3.2 Audi tt car and in the summer ready for battle coupe and roadsters Audi TT RS will go on sale in Europe. Prices have not yet announced, but likely, RS will thousand two hundred and fifty more expensive version of the TTS. How to find Audi TT for sale? You can fin this answer in the next page.