Audi history from the very beginning

The history of this brand is very strongly connected with the person by name of August Horch, the founder of a leading world brand. After the study termination in Mittvayd, Horch has got a job in company Karl Benz in department engaged construction of motors, further August has headed department of designing of cars.

Own business August has based in 1899, having opened on November, 14th in Cologne company Horch and Cie. Motorwagen Werke. Because of quarrel with Board of directors and the Supervisory board the founder of the company has left a child in 1909, in four weeks in the same Zwickau it has based new firm. At a choice of the name of new firm August Horch has chosen a Latin translation of the surname. So German «horen» on latin looks like «audi!». The new name of the company, Audi Automobilwerke GmbН, has been registered on April, 25th, 1910. From this point on and has begun great Audi history. In 1914 in the history of corporation there was an important fact - it became joint-stock company.

What about Audi model history - in 1921 the company has shaken the automobile world with model K 14/50, capacity of 50 h.p. It was a first car in the history of Germany with the left arrangement of a wheel. Having spent this revolution, corporation has ceased to pay attention only to engines and a suspension bracket and began to improve traffic safety and convenience of management. The model «M» with the six-cylinder engine has appeared in 1923. In 1927 — the first eight-cylinder "Imperator".

Model from the history of Audi

In 1932 there was a merge of companies – a new coil in Audi history. In 1934 consolidation has received name Auto Union and a new logo - four symbolical rings ("Audi Verke", "August Horh Automobil Verke", DKW and "Wanderer"). Initially emblem of corporation it was used only by racing cars, each plant made other cars under the brand and put own distinctive signs.

Not ordinary Horch has decided to establish an emblem of the second enterprise not on a radiator stopper (as then it was accepted), and sideways, near to a wheel niche. On "the main" place Horch has decided to establish stylised unit - a symbol of primogeniture Audi among all "Horch`s cars". Such arrangement of a logo was on all their models.

After the termination of 2nd World war, in 1949, in Ingolstadt have created new society Auto Union GmbH which has continued Audi hiistory.

In 1951 has died August Horch and concern under the decision of shareholders have renamed, in honour of the founder, in Audi Auto Union Gmbh. The enterprise was receiver Auto Union and consequently has kept an emblem of intertwining rings.

In 1965, VolksWagen has bought corporation, having formed concern VAG. But same year the car with simple name Audi has been let out. Per 1969 - merge Audi and NSU company, corporation began to be called Audi NSU Auto Union AG.

Long history of Audi logotype

In 1975 there is the first car, in modern Audi model history. It was Audi-50. Its release has ended in 1978, but his life has proceeded under other name, known to the majority as VolksVagen Polo the first series. Leaders Audi of a steel two models: 80 and 100.

In 1977 last car NSU descends from the company conveyor. Mark has stopped the existence. And, at last, in 1985 under the strongest pressure of shareholders the company is renamed last time: "Audi NSU Auto Union AG" turns in "Audi AG".

For today Audi - the leading international manufacturer of high-quality cars. The enterprise has manufactures in Germany, Hungary, China and in Southern Africa.

We hope to see new victories in Audi History!