Review of Audi models

In the arsenal of Audi it is a lot of models worthy respect. With application of high technologies, company cars have high quality on the market, beginning from cars of the first generation and finishing the last концептами. Here is the full review of Audi models:

100 Avant
80 Avant
A3 Cabriolet
A3 Sportback
A4 Avant
A4 Cabriolet
A6 Avant
A8 Long
RS4 Avant
RS4 Cabrio
RS6 Avant
S2 Avant
S2 Coupe
S3 Sportback
S4 Avant
S4 Cabriolet
S6 Avant
TT Roadster

All companies aspire to give to the cars certain style. Key priorities of company are: active safety and respectability. These qualities improve in everyone new Audi model.

Introduction into Audi World

Audi models row

Wide review of Audi models

In March, 1980 company has presented a new audi car model - an all-wheel drive sports coupe. In automobile the drive gear used till now only in lorries and off-road cars was offered.

First Audi A100 model

The first Audi 100 became the most expensive automobile of corporation and became starting exact for the further advancement in a premium-class.

The excellent behaviour of this model on ice and snow has induced founders to introduce all wheel drive VW Iltis in serial Audi 80. The same year the car reconstructed, creation of sports audi quattro model. “Quattro” - the all wheel drive system. 90`s releases 1984 has been intended only for the USA. In Europe analogue of this auto was Audi 80.

In December, 1990 has been presented new audi model - Audi 100 (С4) which for the first time in history of concern began to be offered also with a six-cylinder V-engine. Its innovation - system of injection of fuel which provided demanded high traction effort at low engine turns and high capacity in the top range of turns.

Audi A100 with powerful and compact V6 engine

For the first time in 1990 Audi 100 has received powerful and compact V6 engine.

In the beginning, was separate sale Volkswagen and Audi cars. Till 1993 cars of these marks were on sale dealers under one roof. Management Volkswagen has demanded building of separate floor spaces for sale of Audi car models. Slowly, related marks have started to keep away from each other.

Review of Audi models till 1994 will show only two cars — 80 and 100. In 1994 started manufacture of an all-wheel drive sedan of representation class Audi А8. The All wheel drive considerably raised stability of heavy and powerful cars, so, and safety of their passengers. The market has met the car frostily enough, but exit Audi in the higher circles did not remain not noticed.

In 1996 Audi has exhausted the golf class car — compact audi A3 model. Working out of the car has demanded not too big expenses as its assembly was made on one platform with Volkswagen Golf. But the sports design of the automobile, quality of study and interior execution put the car on a step above, than «is simple Volkswagen» and approached it to level of competitors from BMW and Mercedes.

In 1996 Audi has exhausted on the market automobile of business class А6. On workmanship and equipment level this car already practically in what did not concede to leaders from a category premium.

Audi is the first who has applied diesel engines on models of a representation class. Audi A8 model whole seven years remained unique car in the class which could be got in a complete set with the diesel motor.

Audi A8 model with aluminium body and all wheel drive system.

Review of Audi sedan in representation class A8 will show presence of a body from aluminium and all wheel drive system.

The company began the first who equip their models in a mass order with variators — the automatic gear boxes, capable to transfer a twisting moment from the motor to wheels without interruption and a loss of power.

Nevertheless most popular "know-how" Audi became use in a design of the car of aluminium. In 2000 Audi the first among motor-car manufacturers has exhausted completely aluminium serial Audi A2 model. The car has turned out original and interesting, but very expensive. For last three years, say, in Germany the prices for all consumer goods and the majority of services have grown a minimum twice, and youth — the basic category on which developers А2 counted, — simply does not presume to itself purchase of such car.

Style Audi TT model

Audi TT model became the real world revolution in design and has instantly turned to the modern classics. Capacity sufficed for the first generation of stylish model TT. But for eight years the car has not been awarded "hot" letters R and S.

Now anybody from world motor-car manufacturers does not use in the models aluminium so widely, as Audi. In modelling to a firm number has appeared completely aluminium model Audi А8 — the new car of a representation class.

After many years Audi again has faced a problem of shortage of models. After review of previous Audi models the company has decided to surprise the world. The problem has been solved cardinally in 2005 when on light, shaking floors and walls, off-road car Q7 was rolled out. Having united platform Volkswagen Touareg and elements of sedans A6 and A8, it has instantly won popularity among the provided buyers. Slightly having been late with off-road car release, Audi at once on a step has overtaken many competitors.

Audi Q7 - the first off-road car of the company

The advertising slogan devoted for Q7, is modest enough: «It has come to prevail». The off-road car not only has prevailed, but also has selected the another's.

But release of a powerful jeep has not solved a problem entirely. In a ruler there were rather interesting white stains: sport cars, compact crossovers, superpenalties, minivans. That is remarkable, all these vacant places the next years will be filled by absolutely new Audi models.