Audi A3 Sedan

Audi has introduced at the Geneva Motor Show, the prototype of a new generation of model A3. Novelty has a body called notchbek with four seats, which in practice means a sedan with highly cluttered rear rack.

Appearance of a new sedan - a typical Audi last generation just seems to be the line of his body became particularly elegant in comparison with other models. Dimensions of the new items are 4.44 meters long, 1.84 meters in width and small height, equal to 1.39 meters. Wheelbase, equal to 2.63 meters, a record in the Golf class, which provides passengers with split rear seats, enough legroom.

In the production version, of course, will be back triple fold, but the front part of will remain virtually unchanged. Interior baffle funnels the ventilation system is similar to the Audi TT sports, and encircling salon yacht "front panel - a new representative A8.

Under the hood of new items is five-cylinder petrol unit with turbocharging and direct injection. With a working volume of 2,5 l minders Audi managed to squeeze 408 hp and 500 Nm. Dynamic characteristics superkarovskie - 4,1 s to 100 km / h. The only pity is that the maximum speed is traditionally limited to 250 km / h. Serial version, of course, will have a more modest rates.

Transmission is also traditional - S tronic seven-step with gearshift paddles and the absence of a selector on the center console. Instead - touch buttons R, N and D. Drive - permanent four-wheel, a central element of which is a multiple-disc clutch, electronically controlled at the end of the shaft. Chassis is built on the current model of RS 3 Sportback. Front suspension - McPherson, rear - chetyrehrychazhnaya.

Estimated time of release of the new sedan - in 2013, but approximately one year earlier version appears with body hatchback.