Any longer Audi RS6

Production of heavy-duty "ingolshtadt Express" Audi RS6 in the official statement of the manufacturer will soon cease, but the car is still a tasty morsel for many tuning studio - turbocharged engines is very easy to force. That German company Cargraphic decided to add a "ringed" little monster "horse".

Mad wagon, which has under the hood of ten-unit volume of 5 liter twin-turbo, already in the base case develops astounding 580 hp and 650 Nm. Representatives of the studio Cargraphic reported package of transformations called 4F, but specific information on what work was done on the engine is not made public. However, it is hard to imagine that the motor reprogrammed the "brains" and conjured over the intake and exhaust system. The result of the improvements was an increase of power to a value of 665 hp About the same as increased torque, again not reported. Unknown and dynamic performance tuning car. Clearly, only one - RS6 Cargraphic from zero to "hundreds" of faster runoff with 4.6, and its maximum speed exceeds 303 km / h, which are available factory option.

Over the appearance of Wise does not have. Painted radiator grille in black, set the huge 21-inch-piece rims with low profile 285/30 tires dimensions and sports exhaust pipes of 80 mm diameter stainless steel. This exhaust roar is so powerful, that does not satisfy the German noise regulations and therefore are only for export.