Citroën establish a specific monitoring device and measure radioactivity 'one by one' Hitachi parts

According to Europa Press confirmed the company sources, the specific monitoring device will be added to the controls provided for the Administration on products coming from Japan, and in any case, PSA has asked for additional controls to all suppliers in Nipponese origin.

The same sources have confirmed that Hitachi and its production has been restored and is sending pieces to the factory in Vigo, although not reaching enough to cover one hundred percent of the production of the plant.

Management has informed the unions on Tuesday that planning remains scheduled for this week, in which the assembly line M1 - riding the vans - has stopped its activity on Tuesday morning and will stop this Wednesday afternoon. Also maintained the M2 stops - which assembles minivans - for Tuesday and Wednesday, and the two systems will resume activity on Thursday.


Moreover, the company has transferred to the planning committee for the coming days, in which priority is given to the production system 2, as it has been 'the most impacted "by the supply problems of Japanese supplier.

Thus, the M1 will work on Saturday April 2, while the Sunday night shift will receive training. The three shifts of this system are assured for the coming Monday and Tuesday 4 April 5, with priority given to the installation of gasoline and diesel engines 'Euro 4' - do not use the piece that provides Hitachi - to encourage the production of the M2.

The two turns of the M2 will also work as normal next Monday and Tuesday 4 April 5. In any case, companies and unions have been invited to another meeting next Thursday, for 'progress' in planning and confirming, if there are no surprises, that the plant can recover the rate of production.