Castilla y León, in favor of extending to 2027 coal mining

Villanueva was speaking to reporters minutes before holding a meeting with officials from the Nissan factory in the city of Avila, where he held that the Government 'rectify and correct the previous error, to accept an agreement in terms of closing the mining in 2018. "

"It was a mistake because, taking into account the time in our country energy is clearly determined that Spain and Europe need of coal and a mix of the energy is produced or generated through the combustion of domestic coal and strategic reserve is fundamental ', has argued.

In this regard, it has not explained why Spain 'in an unexpected way forgot that this was an important issue. "

In this context, the Minister recalled the importance of 'securing energy supplies to a country' and one of the sources of production that ensures the generation of coal.

Its costs, Villanueva has said that the figures are "significantly smaller than many people think 'and to other energy sources' there is no comparison."

It has also clarified that at present in Spain is investigating emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere, so 'it would not make much sense to be as up and is meant to be closed mining in 2018. "

Therefore, it has insisted that it seems 'very well' approach to prolong the activity of coal mining until 2027, but believes that "there are more pressing problems to solve."

In this regard, he referred to some of the proposals Carbunión, whereby companies are more competitive 'do not have to repay the aid to continue their business' without them, which in his opinion would be' viable one hundred Spanish mining hundred. "