The management of PSA Vigo expected to resume full activity next week

Union sources indicated to Reuters today that the parties have cited for this Thursday to plan the production of the next few days, since there could be supply problems with other suppliers in Japan, although this issue was not discussed at the meeting today.

Moved to address the representatives of the workers who restored the flow of production and transportation of electronic components produced by Hitachi for the assembly of diesel engines and is 'proving impact' of the earthquake and tsunami in other companies providing Japanese.

The restrictions on production at the factory will remain Balaídos these days, especially in the assembly line 2, in charge of the C4 model.

The more idle time will be tomorrow, with fifty employees affected by redundancy record time having exhausted his bag of hours.

The arrest last week, rotating in the system 1 and complete in 2 stifles production of PSA Citroen Vigo plant in about 2,500 fewer vehicles. The consequences of the restrictions this week have yet to quantify.