Ogier Loeb and slow in the final stretch, leaving leader Latvala

The added difficulty is to pilot one of the first to come to the portions Ogier has made both as Loeb, the second stop on the last leg played when they were leading and second place respectively, with the intention of leaving Ford's partner in the first two posts for it is they open the door tomorrow.

This bombshell has happened after a day in which the differences between the top four have been minimal, and where four drivers have won the fastest time of the segments, and has seen three leaders throughout the day today.

Citroen's men have evidence that the rallying alone is not the fastest on the track, but there is also thinking about what is and ensure a good position.

So, knowing that competitive conditions will improve as further back out to the stages, Loeb, first, and Ogier, then decided a few seconds left on the last leg to give the top two men from Ford, so that tomorrow they will be the opening track. Hirvonen could not control the times we did the rest for being the first out.

But the surprise tomorrow may be capitalized, since today Hirvonen did not lose as long as expected, and always remained among the best in the stages, losing very little time with their rivals, so it is possible that men have Citroen more difficulties than expected to regain the top of the table as expected.

And is that the differences between the first being minimal to the point that not stopping the Citroen, the four riders have been in just twelve seconds.

Here also was expected to be Norway's Petter Solberg (Citroen). In fact the fastest time in the initial special today, but that was his role in this journey. The second was over in a curve where it hit and got a flat tire.

Lost one minute, and his attempt to regain lost time, he suffered two new punctures on the last leg which prevented him from reaching the goal, so he had to leave. Tomorrow he will return with a penalty five minutes tranche completed.

Norway's Henning Solberg (Ford) is the first of the rest, expect the errors to riders on the podium, although the difference with Ogier is almost two minutes.

This group should highlight the seventh Armindo Araujo Portuguese to Mini debuts in competition, albeit to S2000, and is showing good twigs with which it is made. The official team, WRC specifications not debut until the Italian event with Spanish Dani Sordo at the controls.

They're also making a big rally the Argentine Federico Villagra, in eighth position.

As for the new category WRC Academy, which replaces the Junior Cup to decide the best among the young, Spanish Yeray Lemes starred much of the day until the fifth tranche had to leave, while Joseph Smith is fourth , after the penultimate end yesterday after suffering a setback in the initial super.

Tomorrow will host the second day of competition that will have a total of 454.38 kilometers of which 148.10 will be timed and divided into six stages. The final will start at 17:45.

Classification Portugal Rally

.1. Jari-Matti Latvala (FIN / Ford) 1h 23:31.4

.2. Mikko Hirvonen (FIN / Ford) to 11.5

.3. Sebastien Loeb (FRA / Citroen) to 13.7

.4. Sebastien Ogier (FRA / Citroen) to 16.7

.5. Henning Solberg (NOR / Ford) at 2:06.5

.6. Matthew Wilson (GBR / Ford) at 2:11.2

.7. Armindo Araujo (POR / Mini) at 3:43.7

.8. Federico Villagra (ARG / Ford) at 4:31.9

.9. Kimi Raikkonen (FIN / Citroen) at 4:33.1

10. Kalid Al Qassimi (UAE / Ford) at 4:35.2