PSA Vigo stops next week raise potentially affected by ERE to a maximum of 50, according to unions

According to Europa Press reported union, the day in which most employees will be affected on Wednesday, which would be the day you reach 50.

The lack of a component that provides the Japanese Hitachi has forced the factory of PSA in Vigo to schedule a series of stops between Wednesday and Friday this week - a period in which they have stopped producing between 2,000 and 2,500 vehicle- - but also are planned outage days for next week.

In the case of two system workers - who rides the vans - must compensate those stops using the bag of hours and, if they have exhausted their balance will benefit from the ERE or other measures of flexibility.

Thus, stops 23, 24 and 25 allege that up to 27 workers eligible for adjustment. Because next week there will be more days of no activity, the total of workers likely to go to the ERE would amount to 'a maximum of 50', as described by unions.


Moreover, the company has sent Friday to the unions a change of schedule of days to stop next week because, although initially it was expected that the system remained two arrested on Tuesday - Monday is a holiday Vigo - on Wednesday and Friday and finally on the Friday there will be activity.

Thus, under these new provisions, the system two work on Thursday 31 March to Friday 1st April.

Company sources confirmed that the April 1 the system will work two because the forecast is starting to get some parts. In any case, they say that is still unknown whether the activity can be sustained in subsequent days.

For the system one - riding the vans - have stopped her morning shift on Tuesday 29, while 30 will stop on Wednesday afternoon. Will be working both days and will be used for training. On Thursday and Friday March 31 April 1 will resume the activity.

Moreover, the direction of the company is scheduled to meet with unions next week, with the aim of analyzing the evolving situation.